HDCleanUp 2.1.1

All-in-one hard drive cleaner


  • Lots of cleaning and maintenance tools
  • Frees-up hard drive space
  • Compresses files
  • Easy to use


  • All operations have to be selected seperately
  • Scanning can be slow


HDCleanUp is an all-in-one disk utility that does everything from application uninstalling to removing duplicate files.

In short, it keeps your Mac hard drive as clean and clear as possible. There are too many features to mention in one review but the most notable are:

Application Uninstaller - allows you to remove a program and all associated files; Removal of Orphaned Preferences Files - a simple tool that removes pref files left behind by applications; Duplicate File Manager - simply drop a document into HDCleanUp and it instantly reveals associated older versions with the same name; Duplicate Applications - gets rid of older versions of applications.

There are many others including a cache cleaner, a ZIP file cleaner and a tool to trim the size of applications packages. HDCleanUp also takes advantage of a new compression standard since Snow Leopard which allows you to compress files to save space. Sometimes you may find that searching for duplicate files takes a long time but generally HDCleanUp is an impressive app that keeps your hard drive purring.

HDCleanUp is a powerful tool that fulfills all of your hard drive maintenance needs.

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HDCleanUp 2.1.1

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